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Curriculum Intent, Implentation and Impact


Our aim, at Sharlston Community School, is to offer a broad and balanced SHINE curriculum, providing opportunities for our children to gain the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which will enable them to flourish and reach their full potential in life. Each child will be supported and challenged to experience success. We have a bespoke curriculum, starting with where the children are in Sharlston and building on real experiences. The curriculum is interwoven with developing the key attributes embodied within our AT SHARLSTON WE SHINE message.


Our Curriculum Intent is that our children will SHINE:

 S how Respect -Respect ourselves, others, property and our surroundings

Intent: to develop confident, responsible and compassionate global citizens who demonstrate an appreciation of the world we live in  

 H ave ambition -Have high aspirations to succeed in life

Intent: to inspire pride, aspirations and high expectations of what can be achieved both during lesson and in the future

 I nvolve every one -Enjoy being together, and celebrate differences

Intent: to develop kind, fair members of a multi-cultural society who use empathy and can communicate effectively, celebrate diversity and uniqueness, tackle discrimination and promote equity.

 N ever give up -Be resilient and determined to do your very best

Intent: to develop resilient learners who persevere, take risks, are open to feedback, self reflect and embrace challenge with a growth mindset

 E njoy learning –Engage with learning new things in and out of school

Intent: to provide rich learning experiences which develop language both within and beyond the classroom, linking and recapping prior learning and motivating and engaging learners


Implementation describes the way in which we deliver our intent consistently each day. To do this we have designed our knowledge engaged SHINE curriculum based on the national curriculum, being bespoke to our school where possible and closely linked to widening the life experiences our children have opportunities to partake in. The curriculum has been carefully crafted to ensure the children are able to learn about their immediate locality and surrounding environment and how this compares to the wider world.

This is designed to enable learners to acquire relevant subject knowledge which underpins the application of skills. Skills are carefully and progressively mapped across each key stage and subject area.


Each subject is carefully planned and component knowledge builds progressively from the early years. Substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge is carefully placed to support all children to develop greater understanding. Key components are revisited to support children to know more and remember more


Knowledge is consolidated and built upon to support retention and recall and is clearly outlined on knowledge intent (our newly developing ‘Knowledge Organiser’) documents. Staff ensure carefully designed tasks enact the intended knowledge per lesson and across the sequence of learning. Knowledge Organisers will be used to implement retrieval practice and to support children’s retention. This precision also supports assessment. Both the acquisition of substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge is prioritised.

This ensures that by the time children leave our school they have learned, and are able to recall and apply, the key information that we feel is important in order for them to be successful in the future.


Key Enquiry Drivers in the foundation subjects

Knowledge is taught through an enquiry driver. This driver consists of a main question that the children are unable to answer at the beginning of a blocked unit. Teaching provides the children with the knowledge and skills to provide or demonstrate a response to this enquiry driver and we call this the final outcome. Our curriculum prepares children for subject specific learning in Secondary School.


Ongoing assessment of pupil progress determines the development of the sequence of learning. We have an unwavering commitment to developing vocabulary throughout a series of lessons and providing opportunities for developing strong language and communication skills.

Our curriculum design is underpinned by these core areas:

  • All lessons are based on a key enquiry question so that pupils can have ownership over the learning journey and this drives engagement. These are chosen to steer the curriculum towards achieving depth of thinking within a unit. Pupils are also given the opportunity to answer key questions.
  • Children are explicitly taught the disciplinary knowledge of how to work as Historians /Geographers /Scientists/Artists/Designers/Musicians etc during subject specific lessons
  • Literary texts will be selected to support learning in curriculum subjects
  • A focus on key subject specific vocabulary development is a key part of our curriculum and is embedded within all curriculum plans.
  • The development of core skills, such as reading, writing and oracy, is a priority and these are practised through a series of well-planned contexts. The frequency of this will be dependent upon personal need.
  • The curriculum is implemented through discrete subject teaching linked so that children develop a sound understanding of subjects and can broaden their general knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Subjects are taught in blocks throughout the year to allow immersion in a subject, intense progression of knowledge and a clear sequence of learning.
  • Within the curriculum, we intend to provide a range of learning experiences to strengthen the retention of knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Regular daily and weekly review and retrieval practice is mapped in by teachers to support children in knowing more and remembering more. Links are made with prior learning to ensure that children make strong connections to support them with new learning.


After following our SHINE Curriculum , the impact is that pupils leave Sharlston Community School with a secure understanding of the academic content; with the understanding of how to be socially, morally, spiritually and culturally responsible and aware; how to make positive contributions to the local community and how to endeavour to be the best that they can be. We aim for all of our children to leave our school respectful, skillful, ambitious and with a thirst for learning in life and all it has to offer.


Whole School SHINE Curriculum

Whole School SHINE Curriculum

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